5 highlights of Supreme Court judgement on BCCI reform

It’s a new dawn for Indian cricket administration! The Supreme Court of India delivered yesterday its final (well, almost given our appeals process…) verdict on the implementation of the Lodha Committee report. Highlights of the Supreme Court’s decision are below.


1. BCCI office bearers

The Court ruled on a number of points:

  • The Supreme Court has confirmed that the BCCI big wigs must be below 70 years of age. Srini Mama (71), Niranjan Shah (72) and Sharad Pawar (75) will be ruled out from being office bearers.
  • No ministers or civil servants can hold offices in the BCCI. An interesting one, given that the BCCI seems to be arguing that the Supreme Court (being an organ of the state) interfering in its affairs will lead to its suspension from the ICC. Surely having government officials within its ranks would be seen as a greater problem by the ICC?
  • No one person can simultaneously hold office at the BCCI and state association level.
  • Terms of office limited to three years. No consecutive terms. No more than three terms.

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The Illogical Appreciation (or why I love the IPL)

Less than one week to IPL 2016, conversation about it begins again; some love it, but many “cricket purists” claim to hate it.

As a cricket fan who loves a great game of test cricket, if you’d told me 10 years ago that a tournament would have 20-over-a-side games, Bollywoodization, fixing scandals, terminated franchises, player auctions and ads covering 70% of the TV screen, I may have laughed in your face.

Yet here I am, illogical as it may be, excited for April 9th, trying to figure out just why. Read More …

Match fixing and spot fixing: Azhar and Amir

We posted the teaser for the film “Azhar” a few days ago on our Facebook page. An interesting question was raised as to whether films like this and Mohd. Amir’s re-selection in the Pakistan team was condoning match fixing and spot fixing.

Let us examine briefly both cases.

First up, Md. Azharuddin. Up-turned collar. Hyderabadi wrists of silken steel. Three consecutive centuries after debuting. A one day hundred in 62 balls. Unforgettable assaults on Lance Klusener. Panther like reflexes in the slips. Captain in three World Cup campaigns and for many of us, indelibly inked in our minds as our first Indian skipper. Read More …

Under-19 World Cup: On Virat Kohli and the Mankad

A couple of interesting things have happened since Monday.

One, AllOutCricket wrote a great article on Virat Kohli, questioning whether his classnessness was sullying his class.

Two, the WI under-19 team mankaded their way to the quarter finals of the under-19 World Cup.

Let’s take a look at the second one first.

Having watched highlights of the game yesterday, I can confirm that for 99 overs, it was a cracking game of cricket. There was some seriously quick bowling from young Alzarri Joseph. A direct hit from the West Indian skipper took the 9th wicket. The game went into the last over with three runs to win and the last man in. Then, this happened. Read More …

Indian cricketers and their new year resolutions – Quiz

In the spirit of the new year, here’s a short quiz to test your knowledge about the new year resolutions made by our very own Indian cricketers.

All you need to do is select the best answer from the three options provided. And remember, there may be more than one great answer to each question. Bonus points will be awarded for more than one answer to the same question.

If you would like to try and answer the quiz, please use the comments section.

Here we go. Have fun. Read More …