Singh is King : Australia v India, 3rd T20

Another Kohli special in a big chase. Raina is batting well at the other end.

It’s Yuvraj Singh’s first innings for India since 2014.

The last time he played at the international level Yuvraj scored 11 off 21 in the final of the T20 World Cup. Strike rate – 52.

He was dropped from the team for nearly two years because India had lost a world title. Some heads had to roll.

But he made his way back to the team. He sat with his pads on, watching the kids feast on the bowling for two games.

When he finally got to bat in the last game of the tour, he scratched his way to 5 off 9 balls. Strike rate – 55. Read More …

Losing is hard #AusvInd

For anyone committed to playing a sport, losing is hard.

It’s got to be even harder for those making a living out of playing the sport. And losing as an Indian cricketer in Australia must be a pretty special experience.

The constant media scrutiny. The Australian crowds. The well-meaning Indian supporter with advice about your front foot technique. The allegations of match-fixing. Personal attacks on family and friends.

Surely, these guys are mentally exhausted even before they step out onto the field to play the next match. Read More …

No pressure, no diamonds #AusvInd

Visualise this.

You are batting beautifully. Hitting the ball right in the sweet spot. Finding gaps in the field. The fielders are fumbling. The bowlers have resorted to sledging. You respond by smashing them even harder. The fielding captain is looking to the heavens for inspiration.

The run chase is under control. All is well with the world. You are already planning your post-match celebrations.

It’s been a massive partnership.Finally, a wicket goes down. Might be a tired shot or a loose one. Never mind, plenty of wickets left in the bank. Read More …

Australia v India, the Post Mortem : No one has a lien on winning

I woke up at 3.30 am today.  Got abuse from my poor wife who was sleeping like a normal person at that hour. Went and switched on the TV in the living room. Shami had just bowled a beauty to Finch. Cut him in half. Warner got out soon after. Our predicition was looking good. Then Steve Smith came in. And looked like he would bat all day.

This has been the Summer of Smith.

He has come a long way from the awkward, slightly pigeon toed leg-spinner in 2010 who didn’t know his a** from his elbow to become test captain of Australia. He has tormented the Indian team (and Indian fans) since 9 December 2014 when the test series started. And his peculiar brand of shuffly, twitchy torment continued today. Read More …