Month: February 2015

Preview : India v Pakistan

Many say this game will decide the fate of these teams in the World Cup

What to expect from this from crunch game:

1. Sledging : No point to it, yahaan sabko Hindi aati hai! Sadly, no more ‘Speak English’ or ‘Maa-ki’ gate. Expect a relatively tame encounter.

2. Betting: Made famous by my favourite commentator Rameez Raja as an advanced form of batting. No matter which team wins, everyone in this game will be accused of match fixing. Guaranteed.

3. Balling : Self explanatory. Started with Moin Khan’s ‘Balling Saqqi’. India are bad in balling. Pakistan are good.

4. Filding : Who cares about this anyway? We just want to see bowlers ‘ball fast’ (like Shoaib Akhtar, with an American accent) and batsman ‘go get it’ (like Sachin with a baby accent). Asians don’t do Jonty.

Can’t wait, less than 24 hours to go.


The 1992 World Cup : A love affair that has lasted 23 years

My earliest memory of watching cricket is from the 1992 World Cup. I was seven years old. As a kid I had glanced at cricket matches before without really registering anything. The first cricket game I ever truly watched was India v Australia at my uncle’s house in Calcutta. On Doordashan, before the days of cable TV. I felt there was something different about this game. Everyone (even my mum) was watching it. Why? Because, she said, it was the World Cup and India was playing. The Original Jaddu made his debut in that game (he got 49 opening the batting I think). This catch is DEFINITELY my first ever cricketing memory. There was something quite magical about a man plucking a moving object (not an air hostess) out of the air like that. Read More

Heroes and villains – ten days to go

It’s been two months in Australia.

India are winless, winless.

Will the tide turn?

Will a billion hearts beat as one?

As they did that night in Mumbai. Read More

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