Memories of Adelaide : Rahul Dravid

Australia v India, 2nd Test, Adelaide, 16 December, 2003© Getty Images (William West/AFP/Getty Images)

Here’s the scorecard:


Arms aloft, Rahul Dravid celebrates victory.

Instinctively, he kisses the India crest on his cap.

An image which sears itself into the collective consciousness of a billion Indians.

Sometimes the good guys finish first.

Brick by brick, a legend is made.

[UPDATED: YouTube link for both innings here]


1tip1hand: Co-Blogger Alert!


Given that I’ve been notoriously irregular at posting on 1tip1hand, one of my oldest friends has kindly agreed to become a co-blogger (more like I plied him with drink, then hounded him day and night and haunted his dreams but still…)

Varun Garg is a marketing professional based in Singapore. His passions are Bollywood, cricket, and….the perfect blend of Bollywood and cricket, the IPL. He also enjoys the occasional JD coke and butter chicken.

Greatest achievement : Winning the CLT20 fantasy cricket league in 2014 (a win after seven years  – everyone was beginning to lose faith!)

Ambition: To one day become a “strategist” for the BCCI (whatever that means!)

He brings with him the promise of more regular posts and meaningful insights into the game.


Can’t bat, can’t bowl and can’t field. Say hello to the Indian test team (Part 2).

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose – Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

So…nearly two weeks have crawled by since the first part of this post (read part 1 here.)

Ravi Shastri is the new team director. Derbyshire has signed Cheteshwar Pujara. Virat Kohli’s horror run has merely traded formats and coloured clothing for flannels. India lead a series against England 1-0 after the second game (familiar scoreline, anyone?).

The test series defeat still hangs in London’s air like a pall of gloom.

It’s not the defeat that hurts. It’s the gutless manner in which we capitulated – dropping catches, bowling poorly, collapsing innings after innings.

But it was only to be expected. I think it’s rather stupid for anyone to expect our test team to do well abroad. In all honesty, it’s a miracle we still manage to win at home.

Why, then, do we lose test matches?

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