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Want to start your own podcast? Here’s how!

Podcasting is the medium of future and we have had a lot of people writing in to ask about how we started the Edges & Sledges Cricket Podcast and what equipment and software we use. The podcasting space is really open and democratic at the moment and we hope to see many more awesome podcasts hit the market as people around the world get to grips with the audio revolution.

Here is a quick and dirty guide on how to start your own podcast. You need an internet connection and a laptop/smartphone with a mic and speaker. Everything on the list below is a free version of the software.

Recording Software: As we are based in three different cities/continents we use Zencastr or Cleanfeed to record remotely. When are all at home, we prefer Zencastr as it allows you to have separate tracks for each person on the podcast – this comes handy in editing the show later. But Zencastr is tricky when on the move as it doesn’t allow you to join from mobile so Cleanfeed is a reliable alternative while travelling or if you have a guest who doesn’t have a laptop. Both are free softwares (but Zencastr only allows three people to record at a time on the free version). Skype also allows you to record audio but can be glitchy and sometimes files don’t save, which is a little bit embarrassing if you are speaking to a guest!

Editing: First run the file through Auphonic to level the spikes on your file and reduce noise. Auphonic is free upto 10 hours a month (tip: you only need an email account to use this so both Ashwin and DJ registered). We used Audacity to edit the podcast before the fantastic Tejas at our network IVM started editing the show. Believe you can use Garage Band as well. Make sure to remove umms/ahns/mistakes. You can also mute any background noise (those not speaking should be on mute but anyway!). Used to take us an hour to edit about 10 mins so keep this in mind while recording long and rambling podcasts!

Hosting: Before moving to to the IVM podcast network we used Anchor and cannot recommend it enough. Anchor hosting is free and will automatically syndicate your show to all the biggest platforms – plus they have great breakdown of stats (by episode/geography/platform). And if you are based in the US (which Ashwin is) you can make some money off running ads on your show. We are now hosted along with other IVM shows on Libsyn.

Microphones: There are two types of podcast mics – condenser and USB. We all use USB mics. DJ has a Blue Yeti and Varun and Ashwin both use a Blue Snowball Ice. This has been a gamechanger for the sound on our podcast and we would definitely recommend getting a USB mic. The Blue Yeti is a little pricey because of its four different settings but the Snowball Ice does the job equally well. We don’t use a pop filter but you could do so. The key is to angle the mic right (speak at a 45 degree angle to the mic). Also, try and record in an enclosed space to reduce echoes – DJ records in the corridor of his London flat with all the doors closed!

Guests: Get out there on social media contacting established podcasters/writers asking them to come on your show. Slide shamelessly into DMs. Don’t be afraid to ask people to join you on the podcast- what is the worst that can happen?

Social media: You almost have to spend ten times the time promoting the show that you spent recording the show so keep re-posting on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc. Respond to every comment you get. If people are taking the time to tweet you, make sure you reply. A podcast is built around its listener community.

Numbers: Remember, every podcast has single digit listenership for the first few weeks (we did too). Don’t even start to think about numbers until you have podcasted regularly for a year. Do it for fun. Look forward to recording you podcast. Send it to friends and family. Ask for feedback (don’t take it personally if it’s not great!). Numbers will follow in time.

Good luck with everything! Please get in touch if you have any more questions.

2019 round-up: Rohit’s year, Kohli’s decade and 15 years of MS Dhoni

2020 is here and a very happy new year to all of you. Here’s a round-up of all episodes of the Edges & Sledges Cricket Podcast since August 2019. Amongst other things, we have an exclusive interview with Kesrick Williams about his notebook celebration and sledging battle with Virat Kohli (check out episode 89) and generally obsess about Rishabh Pant and his future in the team (episodes 71 to 90).

All the best for the new year and decade and if you haven’t yet subscribed to our show, please do. We are on all major platforms including Youtube, Apple, Google, Castbox, Headfone, Stitcher and Google Play.

Click below to listen to any the episodes on the IVM website.

Ep. 90: Rohit’s Year, Kohli’s Decade and 15 Years of MS Dhoni

December 23, 2019

Varun, Ashwin and DJ come together one final time in 2019 to talk about India’s fabulous ODI series win against the West Indies. The first half focusses on various performances in the Vizag ODI and the Cuttack ODI.

In the second half, they talk about the highlights and surprises of the IPL auction, Rohit’s amazing performances this year, their favourite memories of 2019 and the decade and end the year with a quiz about the one and only Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who will complete 15 years in international cricket on Monday 23 December 2019.

Detailed IPL auction analysis by listener Arindam Saha –

Wisden quiz questions –

Bonus Episode (EXCLUSIVE): Kesrick Williams on Virat Kohli, the notebook celebration and Kevin Pietersen

December 18, 2019

We’ve got something really special for you today!

Kesrick Williams, the West Indian fast bowler joins Edges & Sledges in an EXCLUSIVE bonus episode. Williams talks for the very first time about his sledging battle with Kohli, responds to criticism by Kevin Pietersen on Twitter and appreciates the support from Sanjay Manjrekar. He then talks about how his notebook celebration started, his favourite IPL teams and the West Indies’ chances at the next T20 World Cup in Australia.

Also check out:

You can follow Kesrick Williams on Twitter- @RealKesWilliams Read More

Edges & Sledges: Our Indian Cricket Podcast (post CWC19 update)

CWC19 has come and gone. England didn’t win the final outright, but won the trophy alright. The Ashes are here and India is back to playing cricket in the Caribbean. Since our last update in June, we have been busy putting out podcasts every week for your listening pleasure. Our fan-run Indian cricket podcast has somehow managed managed to release 70 episodes!

Here is a run down of all the CWC19 podcasts as well as our post-World Cup follow up podcasts. Lots of good chat with some incredible guests so make sure you have a listen. We even do a podcast with 10 podcasters, previewing the semi finals!

Click on the episode title to listen to the relevant episode. We are available wherever you get your podcasts!

[iTunes, Google Play, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Castbox, Podbean, Radiopublic, Stitcher]

Read More

Podcast update: IPL 2019 and Cricket World Cup 2019

It’s been sometime since our last round up of happenings on the Edges & Sledges Cricket Podcast. We’ve been busy and since our last update in March, IPL 2019 has finished, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has started, Edges & Sledges has re-branded, joined India’s largest podcast network (the IVM podcast network) and released a dozen episodes all while taking a break between the IPL and the World Cup. Oh and yes, we’ve also interviewed our first ever international cricket captain. Read on! Read More

IPL 2019 special: It’s coming up to toss time!

As we wait for IPL 2019 to kick off this weekend with CSK v RCB, it’s time to round-up all the happenings since our last update. Edges & Sledges has released six episodes, including our one year anniversary episode, our 50th episode and a super extra special IPL preview episode. We have also been busy recording with a number of other podcasts – It’s Cricket Show, the Cricket Badger Radio Show Podcast and ESPN’s Head in the Game so make sure you listen to those podcasts to follow what we’ve been up to!

Remember, the Edges & Sledges cricket podcast is available on on all major platforms – iTunes , Google Play , YouTube, Anchor, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Castbox, Podbean, Radiopublic and Tune in Radio. Subscribe to make sure you get notified of new episodes. Also, hit us up on Twitter! Here’s our March round up.

Ep. 51 IPL 2019 special: It’s coming up to toss time!

With 48 hours to go for the Indian Premier League 2019 to start, Ashwin and DJ talk all things IPL 2019! They ask (and answer) the big questions:

  • Where is Varun for this IPL special?
  • Why does the IPL 2019 still excite them?
  • Who are the players to watch out for across the teams?
  • Which teams will make the playoffs?
  • Why is fantasy cricket so important to their lives?
  • Who will win the orange cap and purple cap?

We also read out the best listener tweets about the IPL and in case you missed it, you can listen to a condensed version of DJ’s chat with the Cricket Badger Radio Show Podcast. and link to article about Kohli mentioned by DJ –

We have also released details of our IPL Fantasy League for listeners so join in!


Private Contest Code: SLE7SQXX06RP

Ep. 50: Our Half Century! The Listener Speaks

This week we bring you a very special 50th episode, celebrating our half century! We decided to honour you, the listener, by dedicating our show to listener questions / comments. We cover:

  • India vs. Australia ODI Wrap Up
  • The never-ending debate about India’s World Cup XI
  • Who plays at #4? Rahul vs. Rayudu vs. Rahane vs. Pant vs. Shankar
  • Indian fans – Our blog article No one has a lien on winning
  • Should Kohli step down to #4?
  • Is Bhuvi really an all-rounder?
  • KulCha – together or separate?
  • How much will Team India miss MS Dhoni
  • Kedar Jadhav, a legend in the making
  • Australia now a World Cup threat
  • India Women vs. England Women, the third T20 heartbreak
  • SA on the verge of a whitewash vs. Sri Lanka
  • IPL Preview coming soon!

Ep. 49: India v Aus, King Kedar, The Universe Boss and Universe Jos go ‘hell for leather’

In this episode, we celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY since Episode 1 of Edges & Sledges! We also cover:

  • India vs. Australia T20 series wrap up
  • India vs. Australia ODI series so far (Ind 2-0 at the time of recording)
  • King Kedar Jadhav, and Varun’s unjustified hate for him
  • Cricket Fever, the new Netflix documentary giving us all IPL fever
  • England vs. West Indies, Gayle is back!
  • Universe Boss vs. Universe Jos
  • Mitch March’s unfortunate injury

Ep. 48: India v Pakistan World Cup clash, Hardik’s stiffness issues, Keema Pao and Shikhar’s thigh slap

In this episode, we cover:

  • The India vs. Pakistan World Cup clash (and whether it will happen or not)
  • Hardik’s injury due to stiffness in the back
  • Australia vs. India T20 series preview
  • Sri Lanka vs. SA – Can SL make history?
  • Is 2019 officially the best ever time for wicketkeepers’ names?
  • Chris Gayle’s century in his return to ODI form
  • Shreyas Iyer and India’s highest T20 century
  • India Women go 1-0 up against England Women
  • The answer to this week’s #listenerquiz

Ep. 47: A for Associate, B for Ban feat Tasneem-Summer Khan

In this episode we are joined by Tasneem-Summer Khan, and we discuss:

  • Perera’s breathaking match-winning innings v South Africa
  • Cricket’s more than #metoo moment
  • Shannon Gabriel, what did we make of the whole scene?
  • Sanjay Manjrekar tweet about stump mics
  • Associate cricket Quadrangular currently being played
  • Link to Tasneem’s latest article.

Ep. 46: India win ODIs, Kiwis sneak T20s, India’s World Cup Squad & DJ Bravo’s new song

In this episode we cover:

  • India vs. NZ Men’s Series Wrap Up
  • Dinesh Karthik and the art of finishing
  • India vs. NZ Women’s Series Wrap Up
  • India’s World Cup squad probables – take 1 (we will re-explore this 2 more times before the World Cup)
  • England vs. West Indies
  • Jason Holder’s ban for over rate
  • NZ Cricket’s #metoo movement
  • Steve Smith’s return
  • Listener Quiz week 1 – answers
  • Listener Quiz week 2 – the question

Edges & Sledges is a weekly Indian Cricket Podcast available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts!  

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