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10 reasons why we love the IPL!

Hellloooooooooooooooo IPL!

With the distraction of the World Cup out of the way, it’s time to get down to business!

Here’s 10 reasons why we love the IPL.

10. Games last three hours – with the overload of cricket, our attention spans are getting shorter. T20 fits the bill perfectly.

9. Stategic timeoutsThese games can be frantic! We know you hate interruptions but these allow you to get your breath back, make a cup of tea and go to the loo without missing any of the action.

8. Pravin Tambe – Some dreams do come true.


7. Young blood, old warhorses – The IPL is a real chance for youngsters to make their mark (read Sanju Samson, Manish Pandey, Ashwin, Mohit Sharma, Rayudu, Jadeja). Also, it can sometimes be a last chance for us to catch some old favourites- Warne, Gilchrist, Ganguly, Sachin, Dravid. And who can ever forget Dada’s celebratory run after getting KP out?!

6. IPL Fantasy League – We have been hooked on IPL fantasy for about 6 years now. Much like fantasy football, you pick your team for each game. Runs, wickets, catches and run outs all score points. The captain or trump in your team scores double. Only certain combinations are allowed and there are caps on the number of overseas players. Substitutions are limited. Fantasy cricket keeps every game interesting since you score points irrespective of the outcome of the game. We even have a Whatsapp group solely dedicated to sledging/jinxing each other’s fantasy teams. If you haven’t played fantasy cricket, give it a try here !

5. No emotional investment – Unlike international games, you can support even arch villains like Warner and Watson in the first innings while cheering for MSD and Kohli in the second. Also, you get to see Symonds play alongside Bhajj which is certainly amusing.

bahhji sym

4. Insane Catches – A lot of people talk about the standards at the IPL being low. Not so when you see some of these catches.

3. Crazy Batting– Batting is incredible as well and we’re not only talking about Chris Gayle smashing unknown bowlers out of the park. Watch A.B. de Villiers demolish Dale Steyn (twice) and let us know whether you think that was poor cricket.

2. There’s no business like show business – The IPL is where Bollywood meets cricket. Cheerleaders, filmstars, business men, drug busts, fights, fireworks, parties. No other league has more drama!


srk ipl

1. Danny Morrison and Co. – Need we say any more? Let the party begin!



  1. Anonymous

    u forgot to mention Siddhu Paji and Sunny Gavaskar’s random banter on the pre-show extra innings!!

  2. Ankit Jain

    u forgot to mention Siddhu Paji and Sunny Gavaskar’s random banter on the pre-match show extra innings!!

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