Ep. 107 and 108 of the Edges & Sledges Cricket Podcast (feat Cyrus Broacha and Jemimah Rodrigues)

Two new and fantastic Edges & Sledges episodes released!

Episode 107: Indian cricketers in Lockdown (feat Cyrus Broacha)

On a super fun crossover episode, DJ, Ashwin and Varun are joined by Cyrus Braocha, comedian, entertainer, cricket nut and the host of his own cricket podcast LANSO. They talk about what cricketers have been upto during this Coronavirus lockdown, top IPL moments over the years, and what cricket lovers can do during this time to get their cricketing fix. Check out Cyrus’ podcast ‘Cyrus Says: LANSO‘ on the IVM Podcasts network.

Ep. 108: In conversation with Jemimah Rodrigues

Ashwin and Varun are joined by the very special Jemimah Rodrigues, Team India’s #3 batter who burst onto the international scene in 2018. Jemi shares her journey with cricket, playing with her brothers growing up, the magnificent double century that got her media attention, and her entry into the Indian team. She also talks about stories from the 2020 T20 World Cup and the difficult loss to Australia in the finals, and what it’s like to have become a social media sensation. She also reveals how she stays in touch with cricket and her teammates during lockdown, and who is the most fun in the dressing room!

Jemi is represented by Baseline Ventures and can be found here on Instagram and here on Twitter.

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