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India’s tour of Sri Lanka, 1st test, Galle : We are Insane!

Insanity : Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Albert Einstein

Those who watch Indian cricket are insane.

First, we are driven mad by our inability to rid ourselves of the disease which goes by the name of Rohit Sharma. If our jobs rewarded talent rather than performance, we would all be CEOs, no?

Second, the inexplicable dropping of Cheteshwar Pujara. Why does Pujara, a hard working player who puts a price on his wicket, miss out? Obviously a fine player of spin with an excellent record in the sub-continent is surplus to India’s requirements in Sri Lanka! Remember his 72 on Day 5 against Australia on debut? What a terrible innings that was!

Third, can someone please explain the fine cricketing logic that lies behind bringing Harbhajan Singh back to play test matches? The man cannot buy a wicket or bat to save his life. Let him play his trade in the IPL where he can bowl his flat yorkers on leg stump and swing his bat with gay abandon.

Fourth, this team’s collective inability to win a test match from positions of strength is maddening. Johannesburg, Wellington, Auckland, Adelaide, Brisbane and now Galle. At lunch yesterday, Kohli would have entertained thoughts of wrapping the game up before tea on Day 3. 24 hours later, India have folded without a bloody whimper. De ja vu?

Last, the BCCI’s resistance to the DRS drives us nuts. Every time an umpiring decision goes against India, fans feel cheated by the BCCI. Does the Indian cricket team feel the same way? Will Kohli lose his cool and give Srini mama a piece of his mind tonight?

Still we continue to wake up at ridiculous hours all over the world with the expectation that the same thing might yield a different result, hoping against hope that this team might win a test match.

After all, it is universally accepted that Indian fans are insane.

Happy independence day!

P.S. This day, last year I was at Day 1 of the England v India test at the Oval – another epic fail batting performance, read about it here.

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