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Mustafizur needs to walk the straight and narrow

So Bangladesh thrashed a full strength Indian side in the first ODI to take another step towards qualification for the Champion’s Trophy in 2017. A debutante took 5 wickets bowling some wicked cutters – Mustafizur Rahman. Full marks to Bangladesh but Mustafizur only got half his match fees.

I’ve looked around on the internet to see what the fuss was about. Ignoring the dramatic title, this footage sums it up nicely – watch this video and come back. 

The verdict is clear in my mind. Mustafizur has quite intentionally walked across the batsman’s path.

Not once, but twice.

The first time he got a finger pointed at him by Rohit. He got an elbow in the stomach from Dhoni the second time for his trouble.

The reason is pretty obvious – a batsman doesn’t want to be taking a circuitous route to the other end when a split second can determine whether he is in or out. As a left armer bowling over the wicket, Mustafizur should be following-through away from the wicket rather than across it. He has, in fact, looked at where the batsman is and gone out of his way to block the batsman’s path.

I think he’s lucky to have got away losing just 50% of his match fee. I think he should have lost it all. As should Dhoni. Without condoning any form of contact on the cricket field, the batsman in me sympathises with Dhoni, saying the bowler was trying to gain an unfair advantage. One incident might be forgiven but twice in the same innings is not a coincidence.

Mustafizur may be very talented but all the talent in the world won’t help this kid if he tries a stunt like this with the Australians or the South Africans. In my view, he should learn his lesson and be grateful MSD let him off easy.

India, on the other hand, need to pull up their socks and win the remaining games in this series.

Any thoughts or comments on this incident?

– DJ

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