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No pressure, no diamonds #AusvInd

Visualise this.

You are batting beautifully. Hitting the ball right in the sweet spot. Finding gaps in the field. The fielders are fumbling. The bowlers have resorted to sledging. You respond by smashing them even harder. The fielding captain is looking to the heavens for inspiration.

The run chase is under control. All is well with the world. You are already planning your post-match celebrations.

It’s been a massive partnership.Finally, a wicket goes down. Might be a tired shot or a loose one. Never mind, plenty of wickets left in the bank.

The new batsman comes striding out. And goes straight back.  Poor chap, not much to gain in such a situation really. Never mind, there’s still genuine batting to come and there are, after all, only a few more to get.

Another wicket falls. Now it’s only the all-rounders and bowlers to follow.

Your fight-or-flight button has been pressed. The body reacts.

Do you start to feel edgy? Are the palms sweating just a little bit? Is your breathing that little bit quicker? Does that bat, which was a weapon of destruction just a few moments ago, feel too heavy to wield? Is your grip tighter? Do the legs feel just a little bit wobbly?

Your team couldn’t lose the game after making it this far, could it?

With all these thoughts running through your mind, you get out. The entire world seems to have collapsed around you as the ball settles in the fielder’s hands.

The rest of your team is blown away while you watch helplessly. At this moment, you would trade every sponsorship contract in the world to change the result.

You let the team down. The team let you down. It goes on and on. In a seemingly endless loop.

This will not kill you but it will hurt you. You will wake up at night, soaked in sweat thinking of what you could have done differently.

Better still, you will remember it. For you are still young and you will be in this situation again.

No pressure, no diamonds.

Your time to shine will come.



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