Profile for Peace: India and Pakistan

When I read about Profile for Peace, I couldn’t help but recall a story I read in the weekly school newsletter many years ago. The story was about a young soldier defending our borders. He had shot at and killed a soldier on the other side. The story ended with our hero seeing the face of the soldier he had killed. It was his own little brother, who had been separated from the family during the partition.

A powerful story, one that stayed with me all these years. An imaginary line had irrevocably changed the destinies of the people of two nations.

Which brings back us to Profiles for Peace.

I have always admired (sometimes, grudgingly) cricketers from across the border. Hell, most of us, at one time or another, have wished we could have a combined team full of Indian batsmen and Pakistani bowlers. Imagine a line-up which boasted Sachin and Akram, Dravid and Waqar, Laxman and Shoaib Akhtar, Kapil Dev and Imran Khan, Gavaskar and Abdul Kadir and more recently, Virat and Amir. Untouchable!

Profile for Peace just gives us a chance to rise above the current atmosphere of hate-mongering and “with us or against us” rhetoric. To show that fans still have faith in our collective humanity, even if our politicians do not. To show a bit of respect to our neighbours rather than the stream of abuse that is usually spewed at them.

So here goes.


This doesn’t make me anti-national or less patriotic. I will be screaming myself hoarse for the Indian team to win come Saturday.

Come on, India!