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Warriors : Thoughts on the film #wakethelion

“The eye that leaves the village sees further”

First things first. This is not a cricket film like Death of a Gentleman.

This is a film about a bunch of incredibly brave men who took up playing cricket in their Maasai warrior clothing to spread their message. A message that they took from their remote village in Kenya all the way to London to Lords, the traditional home of cricket, which welcomed them with open arms.

This is a film about how these men slowly wore away at the deeply entrenched thinking of their elders to bring about peaceful change in their community.

This is a film about the power of sport and the global platform it can provide.

This is a film about the difference men can make in the fight for womens’ rights.

This is a film that should inspire men all over the world.

masaai warrior
@Getty Images

As the director Barney Douglas himself put it in the Q&A that followed the screening, if you asked me three years ago to watch a film about how to end FGM on a Friday night, I would have looked sheepish, passed on the offer and probably gone to the pub.

I’m pretty glad I watched this film last Friday night.

You can find out more about the film on and about how you can help at

Watch it and let us know what you think.


  1. haha! though one lady did make a face at seeing the warriors in the tube!

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