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Do you have MIFF (Mid-season IPL FANTASY FATIGUE)?

It’s Friday night. The weekend double headers are coming up and you are excited. By the time the weekend ends, you expect yourself to spend all of Monday in the glory of your weekend success, as you would have jumped to the top five of your fantasy cricket league. You have all your subs lined up beautifully and all the in-form players in your team. Your wife or your girlfriend is out of town and you’ve already invited your friends over for an epic IPL Saturday evening. Among these friends, are also the ones who you know for certain you will jump over by the weekend ends.

But then Rohit Sharma gets out for a duck and Bumrah who took three wickets the previous game leaks forty runs without a wicket. Pollard who you had dropped a couple of games ago decides to hit a quick-fire fifty. Rahane goes for a duck and Faf who had given you all those points in the beginning of the season can’t seem to get bat on ball. You are devastated while your friend who subbed in Pollard minutes before the game is dancing around like he has won the World Cup. You want to throw the entire jar of Salsa on him but you resist because there is still one more game to come. You make your changes in advance so you don’t make a decision influenced by stress and stick to your initial plan. Your idiot friend who had Pollard is busy refreshing the website to check his new position in the league while you continue refilling his drinks and cheering him on but before he knows it, he has missed the cutoff time for the game and his face falls. You secretly rejoice because you planned this the moment Pollard had made a fifty.

But the match is rained out and your subs go to waste. Your idiot friend finishes your 18-year-old Glenfiddich and insists that he come over for the game tomorrow as your house is lucky for him but you lie to him that you’re volunteering for the Salvation Army. That night, you get drunk and you make all the wrong decisions as you make more substitutions than you need and then you find out that most of your players are not even in the playing eleven. That night you don’t sleep as your bed is filled with your tears and you skip work on Monday as you “don’t feel up to it.” My friend, you are suffering from MIFF (Mid-season IPL Fantasy Fatigue). Read More

Featuring (amongst others) Venky, Javagal, Tendulkar and the Ghost of Eden

A few things have happened in the world of cricket since we last posted.

Sports day? Captions invited!

Was sent this awesome photo on WhatsApp the other day.

(Takes a second before you recognise the kid at the receiving end from the legend that is Mr. Ashish Nehra but so worth it. Also please note ex cricketer Atul Wassan chilling in the background.)


Go wild commenting!

Preview : India v Pakistan

Many say this game will decide the fate of these teams in the World Cup

What to expect from this from crunch game:

1. Sledging : No point to it, yahaan sabko Hindi aati hai! Sadly, no more ‘Speak English’ or ‘Maa-ki’ gate. Expect a relatively tame encounter.

2. Betting: Made famous by my favourite commentator Rameez Raja as an advanced form of batting. No matter which team wins, everyone in this game will be accused of match fixing. Guaranteed.

3. Balling : Self explanatory. Started with Moin Khan’s ‘Balling Saqqi’. India are bad in balling. Pakistan are good.

4. Filding : Who cares about this anyway? We just want to see bowlers ‘ball fast’ (like Shoaib Akhtar, with an American accent) and batsman ‘go get it’ (like Sachin with a baby accent). Asians don’t do Jonty.

Can’t wait, less than 24 hours to go.


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