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Sportsmanship: The spirit of any sport

Watching PV Sindhu embrace Marin after losing out on an Olympic gold medal may have reminded you of Kipling’s words inscribed at the entrance to Wimbledon’s Centre Court. Here was a 21 year old who already had all the wisdom in the world – dignity in defeat and respect for her opponent.

So let’s forget all the problems with cricket for a second – sledging, match-fixing, spot-fixing, Mankading etc etc. Let us instead look at three of most famous pictures of sportsmanship in cricket and feel good about sport. Here are three instances of cricketers who met with the imposters, triumph and disaster, and treated them just the same.


The World Cup Final : David v Goliath? Not quite.

Every cricketer dreams of playing this game.

Kapil’s over-the-shoulder catch at Lords, Gatting’s reverse sweep at Eden, Wasim’s searing pace at Melbourne, Mad Max Aravinda’s hundred in Lahore, Inzamam’s heartbreak at Lords, Ponting’s assault at the Wanderers, Gilly’s squash ball at Bridgetown, Dhoni’s muscled six at the Wankhede.

Briliance is magnified a million times, so are any mistakes. The day comes every four years but the memories made today will last forever. 

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Australia v India, the Post Mortem : No one has a lien on winning

I woke up at 3.30 am today.  Got abuse from my poor wife who was sleeping like a normal person at that hour. Went and switched on the TV in the living room. Shami had just bowled a beauty to Finch. Cut him in half. Warner got out soon after. Our predicition was looking good. Then Steve Smith came in. And looked like he would bat all day.

This has been the Summer of Smith.

He has come a long way from the awkward, slightly pigeon toed leg-spinner in 2010 who didn’t know his a** from his elbow to become test captain of Australia. He has tormented the Indian team (and Indian fans) since 9 December 2014 when the test series started. And his peculiar brand of shuffly, twitchy torment continued today.


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